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Uli Hoeness speaks out part 2: Bayern Munich’s roster

The Bayern Munich president had many thoughts on how his roster could shake out.

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As any Bayern Munich fan knows, Uli Hoeness is a bit outspoken. The Bayern president sat down with the Sky Sports program “Wontorra -- der Fußball-Talk” and had a lot to say on a variety of topics. TZ captured all of his quotes including many on the roster composition and the rumored moves of several players:

The roles and future of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery

Hoeness states that it was made clear that “Robbery” would be part of a rotation:

We extended Franck Ribery’s and Arjen Robben’s contracts on the premise that younger players will sometimes be played. It’s supposed to be a transition year. It’s the coach’s job to manage it.

Robert Lewandowski

This is vintage Uli:

We always had Robert Lewandowski under control. It was only his adviser who we didn’t have not under control. He wanted to have an appointment with us. That’s when I said I have time on September 2nd, at 2.30 pm [i.e. after the transfer window closes].

If on August 31st Robert drops the backpack that his agent has put on him, we’ll have the best access we could want. We want to show the football world that it’s possible to say no even to offers of well over €100 million. It’s good for the football world that there is a club that is not listed or run by oligarchs.

Robert knew that if he wanted to get a big contract, it would have been possible now. With our decision, that is all over. If someone constantly says he wants to leave, that doesn’t sit well with the other players, but the issue will be shelved at the end of August.

Sebastian Rudy

There will be no discounts for Rudy, whom Hoeness wants to stay:

Sebastian Rudy feels that he is getting too little playing time at Bayern. If he comes to us and wants to leave, we would seek a solution — if the transfer is right. He approached Hasan Salihamidzic. €15 million euros certainly will not be enough. I’ll be a happy man if Sebastian stays with us.

Jerome Boateng

Boateng may still leave but apparently has limited options:

We told Jerome Boateng that if he finds a club, we’ll look into it. Only Paris comes into consideration. If they don’t pay accordingly, then he stays and everything’s fine. We believe that with Niklas Süle, Mats Hummels, and Javi Martinez we have players who are similarly good, and if the player wants to leave and we can get the money for him, then we’ll look into it. The odds are 50:50.

BFW Summary

Hoeness certainly did not pull any punches and spoke freely about where Bayern stands on the situations for each player above. Given the limited time left in this transfer window, it will be interesting to see how the situations with Boateng and Rudy play out.

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