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Uli Hoeness speaks out part 1: Bayern Munich’s year in coaching

The Bayern Munich president is never one to mince words and had a gold mine of quotes on just about everything related to Bayern’s coaches.

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As any Bayern Munich fan knows, Uli Hoeness is a bit outspoken. The Bayern president sat down with the Sky Sports program “Wontorra -- der Fußball-Talk” and had a lot to say on a variety of topics. TZ captured all of his quotes including many on the team’s coaching carousel over the past year:

Niko Kovac

Hoeness appears to be a big fan of Niko Kovač:

After just six weeks with Niko Kovač, we can say that we got the right coach. He has the Bayern gene. The contact between him and many employees at the club never broke off. He knows what we expect from him. He works hard and puts a lot of value on discipline; they players can no longer take so many liberties. If this continues, he will coach Bayern for many years to come. You can be sure of it.

Carlo Ancelotti

Hoeness was not as big a fan of Don Carlo:

We had previously got a coach who had won everything. With Carlo Ancelotti, it was a complete flop. It’s not the titles that matter; it’s the coach.

The post-Heynckes coaching search

Hoeness broke down the process and timeline for naming a new coach:

Our first choice was Jupp Heynckes. When he declined, we decided on Niko Kovač. That he was not our first, but rather our second or third choice is media speculation. Tuchel never declined; he had merely agreed with Paris beforehand. It took too long for him, because we were waiting for Heynckes — which is what you have to do with a coach as great as Heynckes.

The fairy tale that he [i.e. Tuchel] was our first choice is simply wrong. We did the right thing by making our decisions uninfluenced by outside opinions. After Heynckes refusal and the telephone conversation with Tuchel, we were focused on Kovač. Hasan went to Frankfurt and cleared up everything in two hours. Tuchel could only have refused if we had actually negotiated.

We were in a serious emergency after the Champions League match in Paris. If someone then gets us out of the shittiest situation, you don’t give him up that easily.

Julian Nagelsmann is a really great coach. For him, with his age and CV, it’s still three, four, five years too soon for Bayern. He will be able to coach Bayern someday — but not right now.

BFW Analysis

Hoeness’ views on Kovac, Ancelotti, and Tuchel gave some insight into the inner-workings of the club and what has been going on within the front office over the past year.

Certainly Hoeness could have worked his own agenda into every quote, but it was good to hear straight from the source on a number of topics related to the Bayern coaches, who has been at the forefront of discussion for many Bayern fans in 2018.

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