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Bayern Munich could win . . . 100 million euros in the 2018/19 Champions League

UEFA has increased its prize pool for 2018/19 by a staggering 62.7%, and the big clubs stand to win big.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League -Liverpool v Fulham, Anfield, Liverpool
Actor and film star Mike Myers at Anfield Photo by Richard Sellers - EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

UEFA is filthy, filthy rich, and Bayern Munich—and the other elite clubs of Europe—stand to benefit. Without playing a game, Bayern is already guaranteed €48.5 million, thanks to UEFA's new revenue distribution process that rewards the top clubs for past successes.

Next season, UEFA is anticipating a gross income of €3.25 billion, of which €2.55 billion will be distributed to the clubs competing in the Champions League and the Europa League, as well as the UEFA Super Cup. The lion's share of that money is destined for the participants in the Champions League: €2.04 billion will be divided between the 32 competitors and the participnts in the Super Cup. The teams vying in the Europa League win the remaining €510 million.

Bayern Munich could win well over €100 MILLION EUROS next season.

Each team participating in the Champions League, from the minnows to the sharks, receives €15.25 million. On top of that amount, each club receives a share of the pool based on its club coefficient. This method of distributing UEFA's money effectively rewards the clubs that have dominated European soccer in the past ten years.

Bayern Munich ranks third on the list and will therefore receive an additional €33.24 million on top of the entry prize. No. 1 ranked Real Madrid, by comparison, will receive €35.46 million. Borussia Dortmund, ranked no. 13, will receive €22.16 million.

If Niko Kovac guides the team on a successful Champions League campaign, the prize money be in excess of €100 million: each victory is rewarded with €2.7 million, each draw with €900,000. Then come the prizes for advancing: round of 16 (€9.5 mil), quarterfinals (€10.5 mil), semifinals (€12 mil), final (€15 mil), champion (€4 mil).

Every victory in the Champions League thus helps keep Bayern in contention with the financial heavyweights of European soccer.

Sources: Bild and Kicker

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