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Who ya got? Who are you supporting now that Germany is out of the World Cup?

Germany’s exit from the World Cup confronts us and many Bayern Munich fans with a difficult question: who on earth do we support now!? Here are BFW’s picks.

Ex Liverpool player Steven Gerrard during the FA Cup semi-final match between Chelsea and Southampton at Wembley, London, England on 22 April 2018.
Photo by Kieran Galvin/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Tom Adams: England

I’ve been a Liverpool supporter since 2004 and have been watching the Premier League for as long. Because of that, there’s no national pool of players I know better than the Three Lions. Steven Gerrard is, and will always be, my hero. Football’s coming home!

[Editor’s note: Please pray for Tom in his illness.]

Martin Connolly: Belgium

I like Belgium because they have a lot of talented players and can be quite fun to watch. Colombia as well, mostly because of James Rodriguez, I just think he’s such a quality talent.

Jacob Dorman: England

There’s always a weird tension when I start to fall in love a with another country or player at the World Cup or Euros because I’m worried that I will regret my professed love for said player when, playing for their club, they do something great against Bayern. Luckily, every English player also plays on a Premier League side, so I won’t have to worry too much about that since PL sides always flame out in the Champions League.

[Editor’s note: Oh dear.]

John Dillon: Croatia

My other team was Iceland, but they unfortunately are already out. Now, I’m favoring Croatia. I’ve seen a lot of individual talent at this world cup, but nobody has delivered as complete a team performance as Croatia. It sure helps when your central midfield consists of Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic! Croatia also is a team packed with talent, but no obtrusive megastars. And to top it all off, many of this team’s best players play or played in the Bundesliga and are familiar names, from Mario Mandzukic to Ante Rebic.

And how could you not like a team when almost all their players’ last names rhyme with “has an itch”?

England v Belgium: Group G - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Jake Fenner: Belgium

I like their style of play a lot and Kevin de Bruyne is a lot of fun to watch. I really think they have what it takes to finally make a deep run.

Gopika: France

After Germany’s tragic exit, I would like to see France clinch the World Cup this year. In my opinion, France deserve the title more than any other team that’s still in the race. They have the quality to go further and to realize the goal. One of the many reasons why they’re the perfect candidates is their star-studded roster. I hope they make their World Cup campaign a memorable one. Best of luck to Tolisso and co!

Sir Drake Hills: England (not really)

Yet, I feel that my alliance is more free now... I’d just like to see thrilling and competitive games. No injuries plzzz!

Ineednoname: Sad-Trombonistan

I don’t think I’ll support anyone, really. I have exams coming up next month and I’m going to focus on those. Technically, even if Germany had made it all the way, I’d only be watching 4 more matches, so I’m not missing much.

Serbia v Switzerland: Group E - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
“I’m 5’7” — NOT 5’6”, got it?”
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Brian Kellogg: Belgium

I guess that I will pull for Belgium, although it really doesn’t matter anymore. The World Cup has been fantastic aside from Germany going home early. Belgium has never won and is currently in the middle of its ‘golden generation.’ And for some reason I like Roberto Martinez [Belgium’s coach — ed.] — watched a Swansea documentary with him several years back that was fantastic.

Novaburger: Switzerland

With Germany out, I’ll be supporting Switzerland. I lived there for a few years so it’s a little close to home, and also I have always had a soft spot for Xherdan Shaqiri.

Phil Quinn: Argentina

I’m going to pull for Argentina for the rest of the World Cup. While I don’t think they can win it, I really like Messi and want him to get this.

Chuck Smith: Croatia

I love the way they’ve been controlling the midfield and using their offense to wear down their opposition. I think Belgium is the most exciting team left, but something about the way Croatia systematically can wear teams down with their midfield is appealing. I’m not sure they have enough talent to win the whole thing, but I’ll be in their corner.

So, what about you?


Who are you supporting now that Germany is out?

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