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The real reason why Germany lost to Mexico

Oh boy, strap yourselves in for this one.

Germany Training & Press Conference Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

After Germany’s shocking defeat to Mexico last week, reporters and fans alike began asking questions about the team’s performance. Many began pointing fingers at certain players who underperformed during the match. Most people just scratched their heads, wondering why the defending champions looked so disorganized, slow, and tired.

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So, naturally, this rumor comes from The Sun.

What caused the loss? Was it infighting among the team? Was there a conspiracy to leave Mats Hummels alone at the back? Did a bunch of unruly Liverpool fans have something to do with it?

Nope. Apparently, it’s a problem with their home base.

Welcome to Hotel Vatutinki!

One day before the match, The Sun ran an article about how some of the German players didn’t enjoy their hotel in the rural town of Vatutinki, located 25 miles south of Moscow.

Low’s players are not happy with their austere base in Vatutinki, 25 miles south west of central Moscow, which has been dubbed ‘a boarding school’. Rather than the luxury hotel they enjoyed in Sochi during the Confederations Cup last year — and where Low wanted to go again — Germany have been, quite literally, billeted in a former garrison town for the Red Army.

Vatutinki, Microdistict. Source: Wikipedia, Creative Commons.

One quick Wikipedia search shows that the town is home to a GRU base, the Russian equivalent of the CIA, not the Red Army.

The article also says that many of the rooms do not have running water and the head chef hasn’t provided the requisite menu.

When asked about the conditions, Toni Kroos said,

There is no point complaining about the hotel. We cannot use the ambience of where we are staying as an excuse. In any event, I had water in my shower, so I was happy.

Vatutinki Spa Hotel Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images For DFB

Did this terrible stay have any effect on the fact that Özil was sluggish, Khedira wasn’t productive and no one dropped back to help the two CB’s? We may never know.

In the meantime, let’s hope that an angry mob of Swedish fans don’t find the German hotel in Sochi and convince the manager to turn off the air conditioning.

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