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BFW postseason breakdown: Favorite BFW Piece of the Year

We did a lot of writing, so after taking some time to reflect on the season, our writers briefly noted some of their favorite pieces from this season.

Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

We like to think we do a lot of good work here and this season left no shortage of intriguing story lines for us to write about. Whether it was covering the infamous Robert Lewandowski-Mats Hummels practice spat to our BFW Roundtables to transfer news to Daily Schmankerls to an unnamed writer (*cough*me*cough*) convincing John N. Dillon that a headline including the phrase “Working the Pole” (for Lewy to Madrid transfer rumors) was a good idea; we feel like we had some pretty solid posts this season.

Below, our writers put down what pieces they thought were best. Give us a vote in the poll below and drop a comment on why you made your selection or what YOU thought was our best work.

Chuck Smith

Emma was clearly a bad influence on Berni.
Original photos by Sebastian Widmann and Maja Hitij/Bongarts/Getty Images

This was a tough call. I really loved some of the pieces written especially in the past few months, but the Berni and Emma late-night chronicle had all the drama and intrepid reporting one could ever ask for.


This impeccably written analysis of why we weren’t going to win the UCL this year.

John N. Dillon

Easily the best picture we used this season.
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

This is the hardest question for me, especially since I’m the site manager. I took over in January, and we’ve published 591 stories (and counting) just since then! Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty proud of my “Bayern Munich and Qatar” story, and I still chuckle about my analysis of Gareth Bale’s elite “injury production.” But in broader terms, debuting the “Daily Schmankerl” this year was a game-changer for BFW. This let us cover all the stupid stuff out there (transfer rumors and just goofy news) with humor. That appeals to me a lot, and the Schmankerls are pretty fun to write too. And then several of us found our own specialties: Paddy P’s great scouting reports, Ineednoname’s novelty XI’s, and Gopika’s post-match reviews all come to mind. I really enjoyed Chuck’s “Have confidence: Bayern Munich has the talent and depth to make a run at Champions League glory.” And one you probably don’t remember: Valentin King’s “Lars Lukas Mai signs contract until 2021.” It’s just a write-up of a youth player, and it’s not a very important story, but Val did it so perfectly, I was extremely impressed and grateful. Sometimes it’s the little things that make BFW such a great site. So I want to say “thank you” to all my writers. You guys are great!

Brian Kellogg

Mia San Mia indeed.

It has to be the two-part story from July and August 2017 that John Dillon wrote about his homemade Lewandowski jersey. A true classic that shows, “If you love Bayern Munich, the club really loves you back.”

Valentin King

Gareth Bale is probably A LOT more popular in Munich after the UCL finale.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The Gareth Bale piece John wrote is the first one that comes to mind for me here. It took creativity, humor, and research, and John hit it out of the park. What’s especially great is that the rumors surrounding Bale haven’t really stopped in recent weeks/months, and if he were to actually move to Bayern this summer it would just make it that much funnier.

Mike Lynch

Really it’s anything that I wrote; but enough about me...One thing I’m most proud of about the staff is our ability to break news pieces ahead of some of the national outlets. The transition from Carlo Ancelotti to Jupp Heynckes earlier in this year was one of those times. Aside from it being a very hectic day for the writing staff, there were a lot of quality insights put out during that time.

No poll for this one, but tell us if any stories or writers helped make your Bayern Munich fan experience better in the comments below!

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