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BFW Roundtable: Should Thomas Muller be Bayern Munich’s permanent captain?

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This is a really important question.

DOHA, QATAR - JANUARY 07: Thomas Mueller is challenged by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer during a training session at day 5 of the Bayern Muenchen training camp at Aspire Academy on January 7, 2017 in Doha, Qatar. Photo by L. Baron/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Okay, here’s a biggie. We all know that Thomas Muller has done a great job captaining Bayern Munich in Manuel Neuer’s absence. So it’s time to ask the question: “Should Thomas Muller be Bayern’s permanent captain?” The BFW staff debate this tricky question.


Absolutely, Muller should be captain. Muller is the engine that powers Bayern in every way. From on-field leadership to verbal encouragement to work ethic; Muller checks all the necessary boxes as a team leader. Most importantly, however, Muller has a complete grasp on how to interact with his teammates, whether it’s coddling difficult personalities such as Robert Lewandowski, Arjen Robben, or Franck Ribery (and sometimes passing on his own scoring chances to set them up) or constantly encouraging the whoever he shares the field with; Muller is the man for Bayern.

John N. Dillon

Nein: Thomas Müller has been a wonderful substitute, but Manuel Neuer is the captain and will remain so. Probably the worst decision of Philipp Lahm’s career was his declaration that he would not give the captaincy of the German national team to Michael Ballack when Ballack returned from injury. I can’t imagine Thomas Müller doing that, and I can’t imagine Bayern Munich condoning it. It’s not the Bayern way to take the captaincy away from Neuer (or any player) without cause. If Neuer hypothetically wants to abdicate, fine, but I see no reason why any change should be made.

Valentin King

No, I think Manuel Neuer should remain Bayern’s captain because when fit, he’s a player that plays every game, and a change in permanent captaincy would just kind of feel strange and unnecessary.


Thomas Muller should 100% be Bayern Munich’s permanent captain.

The Bavarian native is the perfect man to consistently wear the captain’s armband and act as the primary liaison between the coaching staff and the rest of the squad. Nicknamed the Raumdeuter (“space interpreter”), Muller’s presence all over the pitch makes him highly effective at permeating his passion and intensity throughout the rest of the players on the pitch; not to mention, he can get tactical instructions across easily with his vocal presence. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with the captain being a goalkeeper, for our case Manuel Neuer, but I just think the captain’s role is better suited for Muller in his position.

Additionally, Bayern score 2.76 goals per match when Müller is on the pitch vs. 1.76 goals when he is not. Bayern are averaging a goal more per match with Müller: quite a telling statistic for his contribution to the team - his presence cannot be overstated! At this point in the season, Muller has already worn the captain’s armband 20 times across all competitions (not including DFL Supercup). Plain and simple; why fix what isn’t broke? Muller’s our man 125%.



I am a huge Thomas Muller fanboy, in fact he’s the only name and number I have on one of my many Bayern jerseys (well, I also have a Klinsmann, but that was a gift).

I think Thomas would make a fantastic captain, because he’s a highly respected figure both on and off the field, he’s the embodiment of everything FC Bayern Munich stands for, and he’s the only true Bavarian remaining on the team.

So, why do I vote “no”? Because it would set a terrible precedent, taking away the captaincy from a player who has been out with an injury. You don’t strip a person of this honor for something out of their control, especially someone like Manuel Neuer, who has represented the club well during his tenure and is also highly respected in his own right.

Should Muller have been given the honor in the first place, back when Philipp Lahm retired? Now that’s a completely different question.


Yes, he should be captain because he leads by example. Muller is always running after the ball, just about anywhere on the pitch. I also think that he is the type of guy who gets even more fired up and will work even harder when he has the armband. Besides that, he is respected in the team, comes from our youth academy and is the epitome of a Bavarian. Someone you can really identify with as a Bayern supporter and who carries Mia san Mia in his heart. Besides all that he gives hilarious interviews and as a captain would probably do even more of them.

Final score: 3 for, 3 against.


Should Thomas Muller be the permanent captain?

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