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UEFA playing cat and mouse games with Besiktas after Bayern Munich defeat

Where have you gone Besiktas Ginger Cat? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

A cat runs and jumps on the field during the UEFA Champions League Round 16 return match between Besiktas and FC Bayern Munich at Vodafone Park in Istanbul, Turkey on March 14, 2018. Match is interrupted for a while by a cat. Photo by Salih Zeki Fazlioglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

UEFA, the no fun-having Illuminati of European soccer, charged Besiktas with “insufficient organization” after a cat (Besiktas Ginger Cat to be exact) ran onto the pitch during their Champions League round-of-16 defeat to Bayern Munich on Wednesday. In addition to blatantly targeting its cat control measures, UEFA will penalize the Black Eagles for “the throwing of objects and blocked stairways.”

Fire hazards and personal safety aside, was one feline intruder worthy of such a continental inquiry? To determine that, we at Bavarian Football Works broke down the film Zapruder-style and based on that tape, we feel like the Besiktas Ginger Cat is a straight shooter with upper management potential. Aside of its physical attributes (did you see that jump over the signage board?), the cat was uber-confident and owned every every step it took. It was nothing less than pure and utter swagger.

This was no normal house cat; this was a cat who was raised by the streets and subsequently made one of Instanbul’s largest structures, Vodafone Park, its home. Clearly, this was not a cat to be taken lightly.

UEFA’s disciplinary body will consider the case on May 31. No word yet on whether Besiktas Ginger Cat will be in attendance to face the swift hand of justice.

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