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Ronaldo believes Bayern Munich is even stronger than the German National Team

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The Brazilian legend is a fan of Bayern Munich and Die Mannschaft!

Preliminary Draw of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ronaldo (the Brazilian, not Cristiano!) had no shortage of praise for both Bayern Munich and Die Mannschaft when speaking with SportBild last week (via The two-time World Cup winner was one of the most prolific goal-scoring strikers the game has ever seen during his prime, and he admits that he sees similar poise in Bayern’s squad; specifically referencing Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski:

Robert Lewandowski is a very quick player, and that’s good for them. Bayern have an extraordinary squad. They’re currently stronger than the German national team. I like players who score goals. That’s why I also like Thomas Müller very much. He moves a lot, is often in the right place, and has a strong instinct about where to move and what to do.

As a whole, Ronaldo recognized the fact that Germany has done a fantastic job over the past two decades to revamp their youth development strategies to help produce a larger crop of talents. Since the era dubbed “Das Reboot” in the late 90’s when clubs in the Bundesliga placed an emphasis on building their youth academies, Die Mannschaft have consistently gone far in major tournaments; including the famous 2014 World Cup win. Germany, Ronaldo admits, sets a standard that more countries should strive for:

German football does one thing particularly well; they train players from a very early age and give them a chance to play. That’s also true with the national team. Germany is setting the standard. They do what all the other nations should do: train young players and let them play.

Ronaldo feels as if Die Mannschaft have a good chance of going the distance this summer in Russia along with his native Brazil, despite the risk of potentially not having Neymar back from injury by then:

I think Brazil also have a good chance to win again. Even if Neymar is injured and we have to wait and see when he gets fit. Germany are also favorites: the defending champions and always able to put on a great performance. I also think Spain and Argentina are in the running.