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Bayern Munich making haste slowly to sign James Rodriguez permanently

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The cards are on the table, says chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

James Rodriguez of Bayern Munchen celebrates 0-2 during the German Bundesliga match between FSV Mainz v Bayern Munchen at the Opel Arena on February 3, 2018 in Mainz Germany
“Are you not entertained?”
Photo by Erwin Spek/Soccrates/Getty Images

Bayern Munich already seem intent on activating their option to buy James Rodriguez from Real Madrid for €42 million, but the club is in no hurry to jump the gun. Speaking on FC live (via SportBild) Rummenigge stated,

In terms of his contract, the cards are on the table. We have him on loan now for two years, after which we have an option to acquire him.

But Bayern are in absolutely no rush to exercise that option to buy James anytime soon—at least, not this year, as it appears. According to Rummenigge,

That is still not a small amount of money, even if we might encounter other crazy sums on the transfer market.

And as seen for instance in Juventus Turin’s strategy of loaning Douglas Costa before buying at a later date, Bayern can spend that €42 million money on other things in the meantime.

The option won't expire after all,

Rummenigge added.

One potentiality that has recently been raised is the thought that James could become a bargaining chip in a deal between Bayern and Real Madrid for Robert Lewandowski, who many speculate wants to transfer away from Bayern Munich this summer. James’s price tag, as low as it is for a player of his caliber, could be used to offset Lewandowski’s price.

Of coures, Bayern hold the higher ground in this particular deal: Lewandowski is under contract through 2021, and James becomes cheaper and cheaper by the day, as the transfer market continues to explode. The fact that James has been putting in world-class performances in his new German home only helps strengthen Bayern’s hand.

In Rummenigge’s words,

He has become a very important player, a technically gifted player with a wonderful shot.

If Madrid wants to strike a deal with James for Lewandowski, James is helping Bayern raise the stakes with every performance. To date, the Colombian has four goals and six assists.

James back in training

And while we are on the subject of James, there is more good news for Bayern: James returned to the pitch today to train individually after suffering a minor issue with his calf last week that cut short his appearance against Besiktas.

With James back in the fold, perhaps we can look forward to what he can accomplish with the support of a healthy Thiago in Bayern’s midfield in Freiburg.