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Rudy disappointed in role, but won’t rock the boat

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Sebastian Rudy envisioned a more important role Bayern Munich when he transferred from Hoffenheim, but he won’t disrupt the team’s success by lamenting his situation.

RSC Anderlecht v Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Sebastian Rudy recently opened up on his feelings about his role in Munich in an interview with Kicker (per TZ). The 28-year old midfielder was frank in his assessment of his own play and how he can move forward with Bayern.

A role beneath his ambitions

Rudy is a player more likely to fade into the background than grandstand off the field. The newcomer to Bayern believes his best position is in a defensive midfield role where he can “best play to his strengths.” He explained,

I am a guy who wants and distributes the ball, who likes to provide service to the others and back them up.

Although Rudy also can envision himself filling in as a right-back, where Joshua Kimmich currently has a strong grip on the starting role, Rudy pointedly said he does not want to be “moved around anymore.”

Rudy is anything but content with his current role at Bayern:

The bench or stands are not my ambition. Naturally, no player needs this situation, because you simply think you actually have to be there [playing].

But Rudy says he is “quite satisfied” with the 25 appearances he has made thus far.

Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Rudy’s aggressiveness

Specifically, Rudy views himself as a versatile and aggressive player, who can still make an impact for this Bayern squad, as evidenced by his success rate in winning duels. Rudy has won an impressive 60% of his direct duels, while—as a direct comparison—box-to-box extraordinaire and uber-aggressive Chilean midfielder, Arturo Vidal, has only won 51.8%.

“That's says a lot,” Rudy contends. But the man who Rudy needs to impress, Jupp Heynckes, is not entirely convinced. According to Bayern's coach, “The robust element is missing somewhat.”

Although Rudy feels he does not have to “change myself fundamentally,” he is ready to make necessary corrections to his game to enhance his standing on the team, especially with respect to scoring, where he has zero goals In the Bundesliga, compared to Arturo Vidal, who has found the back of the net six times.

Looking forward to the World Cup

Through it all, Rudy still has eyes on a World Cup roster spot for Jogi Löw. With his ability to play either attacking or defensive midfielder and at right-back, Rudy’s versatility may help him in that quest, but improved performances on the pitch for Bayern would undoubtedly assist him even more so.

One thing is certain, Rudy is determined to establish himself as a world-class player for a marquee team. The former Hoffenheim captain is determined to make his time in Munich a success.

I did not come here to leave after just one year.