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FC Groningen enhances recruiting pitch for Arjen Robben

The grass roots campaign to bring Arjen Robben is pretty damn cool. Will Robben jump on the turnip truck home?

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The campaign from FC Groningen supporters to lure Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben back to his home club is starting to spike. The “Arjen — Follow Your Heart” crusade is picking up steam and has even garnered some interest from Robben’s family.

ESPN FC detailed how much effort the the Groningen supporters are putting into their attempt to bring Robben home:

The “Arjen — Volge Je Hart” (Arjen — follow your heart) campaign started by the Groningen supporters’ club now includes a turnip truck which carries the player’s name on its trips from the municipal’s fields into the city center and has seen a huge level of support.

Some fans have even gone so far as re-branding turnip trucks in an attempt to show Robben just how much they want him back. Jacco Fluk was reportedly the fan who came up with the idea to draw more attention to the cause by using the vehicles as he told ESPN FC.

The push for Robben is picking up even more steam as it drew the attention of Hans Robben, Arjen’s father. ESPN FC reports,

Local agriculture service HS Agri BV have dedicated one of their trucks carrying turnips from the local fields to their plant in the city of Groningen for the campaign.

At the weekend, Robben’s father, Hans, met with company owner Bas Schrage, who is also the founder of the Boeren Box (the Farmer’s Box) — an agricultural themed sky-box at Groningen’s stadium.

Fluk detailed the meeting with Hans Robben:

Mr. Robben wanted to meet the man who dedicated one of his company’s trucks to his son. He highly appreciated our actions for the supporters’ campaign. But he couldn’t say anything about the effect it had on his son or his decision. I believe we can say that whole province of Groningen, maybe the whole north of the Netherlands is wishing for a Robben return.

Even the mayor’s office is getting in on the campaign as it told ESPN:

Where we can help, we will help. But, of course, the decision is entirely up to Robben.

Perhaps the best part of this entire effort is the genuine support and fandom that is being expressed for one of Bayern’s most legendary players. An open letter to Robben from those running the “Arjen — Volge Je Hart” campaign included this message:

We don’t expect that you will bring us the championship, and we don’t expect any miracles. All we hope for is that one moment when you receive a pass in front of the Piet Fransen stands, and you pick up pace and cut in from the outside to curl the ball past the keeper. We’ll embrace you like no-one else on this planet can embrace you.

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