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Does Niko Kovac already know who Bayern Munich’s locker room moles are?

A little slip of tongue might have revealed more than the manager bargained for.

UIG via Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Niko Kovac is usually very precise with his choice of words, but not always. While speaking to the press in the wake of Bayern’s 2-0 win over AEK Athens in the Champions League, the Croatian made an unfortunate (or deliberate?) slip of tongue when referring to the alleged “mole” in the dressing room:

If the two of them ... oops, I’m already saying ‘the two of them’ — that was a mistake. If you catch him (the mole), then let me know and I’ll talk with him.

Oooh, that’s a juicy piece of info you’ve just given us, Herr Kovac. Let’s examine what that little tidbit tells us:

  • Bayern Munich has a severe mole problem. At least two moles are leaking insider info to the press.
  • The coach might already know who they are.

To be honest, learning that there are two moles in the dressing room isn’t surprising in the least. The leaked info that Bild, kicker, and other publications keep getting their hands on comes in two distinct tones. One type always feeds us scandalous info about James Rodriguez and his frustrations with the coach, while the other generally focuses on dressing room issues in general.

Let’s hope that whoever these moles are, they get a grip on their conscience and stop leaking info to the press. If not, let’s hope that the club management catches these folks and puts an end to their unethical activities.

Just for fun: if you were sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic, and you found out that one of your players was a mole, what punishment would you choose to mete out? Comment below!

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