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Niko Kovac publicly warns Bayern Munich “mole” about betrayal

As internal affairs keep being leaked to the press, the manager has no choice but to emphasize unity.

MUNICH, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 03: Niko Kovac, head coach of Bayern Muenchen gives instructions to his players during the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Sport-Club Freiburg at Allianz Arena on November 3, 2018 in Munich, Germany.
“Mia san kumma, mia ham gseng, mia ham gwunna!”
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Niko Kovac has a big problem at Bayern Munich, and it has nothing to do with what’s happening on the pitch. Just like in the Guardiola days, FC Hollywood once again has a pest control problem in the form of a mole in the dressing room. Sensitive locker room information is being leaked to the press, and it’s creating havoc internally at the club.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Kovac expressed his frustration with how Bayern’s internal affairs keep making it to the front pages:

Everyone has to decide for himself whether that’s the right way. We have plenty of examples from history, whether it was Troy, or whether it was Caesar.

In case you’re not aware, Troy was an ancient city that was sacked by the Greeks when they let a wooden horse into inside their walls, thinking it was a gift (I’m oversimplifying, read the Odyssey and Aeneid to get a better picture). Julius Caesar was a famous Roman dictator who got stabbed by a bunch of senators aiming to restore the Republic, among them his friend Brutus. Historically, all of Caesar’s assassins came to an unpleasant end, while the Greek leaders at Troy were all killed or made miserable for years on end.

TL;DR: Betrayal is bad, okay? And Kovac isn’t exaggerating, there’s been a ton of unethical behavior at Bayern lately. Lineups have been leaked to the press long before they are announced, forcing the coach to tell his players the final lineup as late as possible.

Inside stories have come out, such as James Rodriguez’s reported outburst (“We’re not in Frankfurt!”), Kovac’s lecture criticizing his players over lazy warm-ups, and allegations that four players (Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, Thomas Muller, and Mats Hummels) are dissatisfied with the coach.

Kovac emphasized unity in the dressing room:

We have to stick together. That’s the salient point. And every single one, every single one, no matter whether that starts up top or with the coach and goes on to the equipment manager and the players: every single one is obligated to do everything for the success of the club.

Now while this dressing room mole may not be subject to divine retribution or be captured and executed, let’s hope that he takes the hint. Bayern Munich’s success this season depends on the players sticking together. Internal strife will only serve to tear the club apart, and no one benefits from that — besides our rivals.

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