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Heynckes speaks on Kovač, Bayern Munich

The legend weighs in! Jupp Heynckes tackles the trials and tribulations of Niko Kovač and Bayern Munich

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Things are not the same in Munich after Jupp Heynckes left the office over half a year ago. Before stepping down, Heynckes had made it clear that it is the end of his career. After the Ancelotti Era, when people were unsure of what would happen next, Heynckes came out of retirement and led the team to success. In other words, he was the shepherd who held together a complex herd of sheep.

For the first time after he passed the baton to Niko Kovač, Heynckes spoke about his thoughts on the new coach and the club. He sat down for an interview with Westdeutsche Zeitung and talked about his former clubs in the Bundesliga and life after retirement.

As a person who has gone through all of it at Bayern last season — from troubling injuries to the drama at the end of the season surrounding Robert Lewandowski — nobody knows what is happening at Bayern Munich better than Heynckes. He feels like Kovač is having a hard time holding things together at the club:

There is a mountain of problems there at Bayern. There are the good guys, and the divas, and then there are the serious injuries of important players. Niko Kovač is not having it easy at Bayern.

While talking about his life, Heynckes mentioned that spending more time with his family has made him calm and relaxed:

It is just wonderful at home, a real luxury to have breakfast in the morning in peace and to have no pressure, otherwise you would always have your head full of football and everything that depends on it.

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