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Daily Schmankerl: Thanksgiving Edition

We are thankful for a lot of things here and a quick few are listed below!

Bongarts/Getty Images

It is not often we get a chance to reflect on those things we are thankful for here at Bavarian Football Works. So, given what today is, here are some things that I’m thankful for as it pertains to BFW:

The readers: Simply put, the site and the Schmankerl only goes as far as you guys take us. Being able to interact with such an intelligent and opinionated community is one of the great joys of writing for BFW.

The staff: This is a good group of people to work with while covering all angles of Bayern Munich and Germany. Sure, we don’t always agree (*cough*Ineednoname*cough), but it is always a fun and open discussion. John N. Dillon doesn’t always have an easy job keeping the ship afloat, but he somehow makes it happen.

Bayern Fan Clubs: Being able to write about a different club globally each week has been awesome. I hope to see more submissions soon.

Bavarian Fashion Works: As a guy who has no sense of style, I always get a chuckle out of Tommy Adams describing subtle nuances of patterns and other things I would never notice on clothing.

Arturo Vidal’s son: That kid gave me my absolutely favorite story of the year to write about. When a youngster is breaking transfer news on his You Tube channel, while the world’s soccer press was scrambling to dig up sources, you know “The times, they are a changing’” ...

FC Bayern’s Social Media and PR Staff: The club has opened its door to us this year a few times and helped bridge the ever-disappearing gap between one of the world’s super clubs and its fans. Getting to interview David Alaba was a great thing for the site, among many other efforts to give our readers even greater access.

The Computer Generated Bundesliga: It had a short run, but we’ll always have Wacker 09 and these PHENOMENAL jerseys.

So now I am off to drink a lot (6:15AM at a friend’s house, 8:00AM to the bar) before trying to fake like I’ve got it all together before I head to my in-laws for dinner. Wish me luck!

Chris Richards wins CONCACAF title with the USA U-20 team (@FCBayernUS)

Hopefully Chris Richards is able to stop home for some turkey before his return trip to Munich.

Bayern should come back to Philly ASAP (@FCBayernUS)

Bayern Youth Cup lauded in Thailand (

The international tournament series FC Bayern Youth Cup was crowned best promotion program in youth sport in Thailand. The club received the accolade at this year’s SPIA Asia Summit in Bangkok, one of Asia’s biggest sports industry conferences.

Bayern legend Klaus Augenthaler accepted the award on behalf of the club.

I’m very happy to accept the award for the best promotion program in youth sport in Thailand after we finished third last year. This sustainability is reflected in our success in Thailand. Five players of last year’s Youth Cup team Thailand have been called up for Thailand’s national youth teams so far. We’re on a very good track, and we’ll continue to support Thai football.

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