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Update: Goretzka move to Bayern imminent, despite Schalke’s denial

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On told of the move, Christian Heidel reportedly responded: “La la la, I can’t hear you.” Kicker now says it will happen.

FC Schalke 04 Benidorm Training Camp Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images

Article updated below.

In increasingly familiar fashion, the breaking news that a deal had been reached between Leon Goretzka and Bayern Munich was quickly rejected by Goretzka’s current club Schalke and passed over in silence by the player himself.

Speaking to Sport1 (via ESPNFC), Schalke’s sporting director Christian Heidel stated that, “Leon has yet to inform us that he has decided in favor of a move, and I trust Leon and his agent, with whom I was in touch just yesterday.”

That could mean that Goretzka and his agent Jörg Neubauer had neglected to inform Schalke, but Neubauer himself seemed to confirm Schalke's version of the facts. He remarked to Sport1, “Perhaps we are repeating ourselves: When a decision has been made, Leon and I will first inform Schalke.”

Of the two outlets to report the deal, Spanish tabloid Marca apparently obtained its information from a source close to Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, who had found themselves out of the running in the push to sign Goretzka after his contract expires at the end of the current season.

What information the other outlet had obtained - German newspaper Sport Bild, and beat writers Christian Falk and Tobias Altschäffl in particular - remains unknown. Goretzka himself has said he is in the “final phase” of his decision-making process and will make his choice known “not too far into January.”

As this journalistic tug-of-war lurches toward its inevitable end, Schalke seem to be clinging to the faint hope that they might entice Goretzka to stay and anchor their team. Heidel has said they are willing to “go to their financial limit” for Goretzka. Even a “Royal Blue” ransom still might not be enough, though, to keep this young star from choosing red.

Update: kicker says the decision has been made

Despite Schalke’s and Christian Heidel’s protestations that no deal has been reached, kicker has independently confirmed that “that is not true.” According to kicker’s information, Goretzka has agreed to sign with Bayern Munich. Goretzka merely has to pass his medical examination before the free transfer can be announced.