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FIFA opens investigation into Nazi slogans chanted by German ultras

The incidents happened during a World Cup qualifying game in the Czech Republic last Friday

FIFA has opened a disciplinary case against the DFB after rogue German fans chanted Nazi slogans during a World Cup qualifying game in the Czech Republic, according to The Associated Press.

DFB officials said the fans did not buy tickets through its official process for last Friday's game in Prague.

FIFA said "several incidents" are under investigation and a case is also open against the Czech soccer federation. Home teams are responsible for security at their stadium.

German fans were heard chanting and shouting throughout a moment of silence and whistling through the national anthems, Deutsche Welle reported. German players did not applaud traveling fans after the game, something that Bayern Munich and Germany defender Mats Hummels said never even crossed players’ minds: "That was so wrong that there was never even a question of going to the stands."

Joachim Löw, who claimed not to hear the chants during the Czech Republic, later told reporters in Stuttgart ahead of Monday’s qualifier against Norway in very forceful language (there are English subtitles on the video below):

How did this happen? The hooligans were not among the 1,200 fans officially ticketed by the DFB. But since the match wasn't sold out, they were able to purchase tickets. Czech media also report that 30-40 hooligans violently forced their way into the stadium, according to DW and Czech media.

In addition to chanting Nazi slogans, there were also anti-DFB chants and jeering of Germany and RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner. After the game, Werner said it is pretty easy for him to tell that these hooligans likely came from eastern Germany.

"You know what’s not far from Prague, so you can do the math yourself,” Werner said referring to cities such as Dresden, Chemnitz and Zwickau.

The next bit of math should be permanently subtracting these people from ever attending club or international matches — anywhere.

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