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Renato Sanches seeks change with AC Milan

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Bayern Munich’s stifled talent has openly expressed his wish to leave.

FC Bayern Munich ICC Singapore Arrivals Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images for ICC

Renato Sanches has opened up to Sport Bild about his frustrations at Bayern Munich and his eagerness to put his career back on track with a transfer to AC Milan. Sanches may be participating in Bayern’s tour of Asia for now, but he candidly acknowledged that his aspirations now lie elsewhere:

I’m personally dissatisfied with my first year in Munich. Of course I’d like to play more. That is why I would like to make a change as a player and go to a club that can give me more playing time.

Last season, after joining the club to great fanfare for an impressive transfer fee of €35 million, Sanches logged a disappointing grand total of 903 minutes of playing time across competitions, leaving many wondering what had gone wrong for the “Golden Boy” of UEFA Euro 2016.

Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge confirmed that AC Milan is interested in Sanches on the eve of the team’s departure for China, and Milan’s coach, Vincenzo Montella, has praised Sanches as a “young, talented” player.

Now Sanches himself has confirmed his own interest in AC Milan, which he views as an ideal destination: “AC Milan is an interesting option. If the opportunity presents itself and the clubs come to an agreement, I’d happily seize it.”

He elaborated on his hopes of finding a way out,

I’m traveling with Bayern Munich on their tour of China right now, but after that we will sit down in Munich and hopefully find a solution. I’m young, I’d like to and have to play a lot. I think my chances are better in Milan than in Munich.

Thus Sanches is optimistic of a transfer - whatever form it may eventually take. He has put his cards on the table: the question now is whether Bayern is prepared to let him go and what price AC Milan is prepared to pay to have him.