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Bayern Munich’s new third kit isn’t just boring, it’s also bad

Did they even try to swing?

Bayern Munich’s new third kit was leaked today and it is generic, bad, and a complete afterthought. Their new home and away kits are already out and are classically styled kits that have a certain elegance about them, even if they’re not the most exciting. This third kit is the definition of phoning it in.

Oh cool, a white kit with red stripes? That’s not at all just a color inversion of their new primary kit.

Squiggly zipper like lines that evaporate halfway down the torso? Count me in as being super excited about wearing this billboard for Powerpoint Clipart.

Add in some Adidas 3-stripe tubing, and you have a recipe for the most phoned it, generic third jersey ever conceived of by man. It’s safe, unassuming, has no soul, and thus is completely and utterly boring to the point of being an assault on human taste.

For a team that has emphasized edgier third designs — yes, the solid white, no pattern with maroon piping was edgy in it’s own way — over the last several years, this feels like a massive step backwards. You have to go all the way back to the 2011/2012 season to find a third kit of more standard fare. Bayern haven’t always hit the nail on the head with these kits — think the 2013/14 pajama kit — but they at least tried.

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