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Introducing ... myself

Sure, I am the new site manager but without all of you, there is nothing to manage other than words and video, which sounds boring.

BFW is a community, kind of like this one, except digital.
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Hello all,

First, a massive thanks to Philip Quinn for his years of hard work to build up BFW and foster the community along with it.

Second, a bit about myself: I believe in the 4-2-3-1. Kimmich should play right back. Don’t break the bank for Sanchez. Don’t give up on Sanches just yet. As the new site manager, there will be exciting news, videos and tweets to post. Then I’ll watch the discussions and debates pile up in the comments section like goals vs Hamburg.

I was born in Stuttgart while my now-deceased dad was stationed in Germany and my mom was along for the ride. I ​was lucky to be born in the city of five-time champion Vfb Stuttgart. The club's most recent Bundesliga title came in the​ 2006-07 season, led by Mario Gomez and Sami Khedira, and it seems like it’s been longer than 10 years. Joachim Löw even managed the club to the DFB-Pokal in 1997. ​

Sure, Vfb was relegated after the 2015-16 season (and it offloaded Timo Werner to RB Leipzig where he suddenly started scoring goals in bunches), but coming back on the bounce was fantastic. I look forward to another roller-coaster ride next season (including the inevitable sale of another good young player and bushels of goals conceded to Bayern) but I won’t let anyone take Stuttgart away from me. It makes me think of my dad, and that is very comforting to me, because he has been gone since 1986, so he’s missed 31 of my 41 years of life.

​My personal fandom aside, I am a Bundesliga supporter through and through. From style, tactics, technical ability, its wonderfully produced world broadcast feed in English and the connection to the place I was born and to my dad. Being part of a site that covers the Bundesliga's best and biggest club across not only the league, but Europe and the world, will be fantastic.

Third to you, the passionate members that make up the BFW community. It takes passionate members to sustain the BFW community. This place should unite all of your individual and collective passion for Bayern Munich. In other words, no clicks, comments, retweets or shares, no party. So, please, keep it all coming.

​​Thanks for welcoming me into this community.

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