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Bayern Munich deny €5m Renato Sanches surcharge

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That was quick (and interesting?).

FC Bayern Muenchen Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

On Monday, we brought you the report from Record in Portugal that reiterated their original reporting that Bayern Munich would owe Benfica €5 million for every year of Renato Sanches’ five year contract in which he made 25 appearances.

Well, Bayern wasted no time in officially denying this information:

"Regarding media reports that FC Bayern must pay an additional sum of 5 million euros to Renato Sanches' former club Benfica Lisbon the next time he plays in an official match, FC Bayern asserts: this claim is false. Neither is an additional payment due when Renato Sanches next plays nor in any of the following games. Besides that, FC Bayern will not make known any information about the content of his contract."

It’s interesting that Bayern would go out of their way to deny this claim now instead of nipping it in the bud when it was originally reported last summer. Still, we know that when Bayern speak publicly about a situation, it’s the truth.

Regardless, we should see Sanches on the field in these final three games to get the young man some minutes.