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Bayern Munich exploring formal loan arrangement with PSV Eindhoven

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This is a smart move.

Heracles Almelo v PSV Eindhoven - Eredivisie Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Bayern Munich and PSV Eindhoven are exploring a formal loan arrangement, according to PSV general manager Toon Gerbrands. Any deal, if it were to come to pass, would be similar to Chelsea’s loan arrangement with Vitesse. Gerbands acknowledges that Manchester City, Chelsea, and Tottenham have also expressed an interest.

"We talked about it a lot with the leadership at the Champions League matches against Bayern," said Gebrands, "I can't say whether such cooperation will happen this summer. It is, though, a possibility, and it's a model of the future."

There are two big reasons why Bayern have been hesitant to send out their talented young kids out on loan. The first is that those players are not guaranteed playing time. The second is that most clubs won’t accept loan players without an option to buy included in the deal.

I briefly touched on this in a recent article about Bayern shedding fear and splashing cash in the transfer market. With Bayern heavily investing in their youth academy with the new facilities, the club will need to find a place for them to play. An arrangement with a club of PSV’s quality would be ideal in getting young players experience in an attack-minded league with some high quality matches mixed in.

A deal with a club of PSV’s stature would surely be a hit against Dutch football by officially admitting that even the top clubs aren’t able to compete with Europe’s best. However, the move could be a boon for the club against their rivals. The loans would presumably come at no cost to them, allowing PSV to spend their money on other players. They could then focus on building a deeper squad to compete better in the league and European competitions.

At this moment, a deal doesn’t seem close to completion; however, it’s worth nothing that PSV and Bayern officials have at least had a preliminary discussion on the matter. This is the path forward for Bayern.