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Leon Goretzka’s agent spotted at Säbener Strasse

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This might be big news, or it might be nothing.

Italy v Germany - International Friendly
Leon Goretzka playing for Germany last year.
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Jörg Neubauer, the agent of Leon Goretzka, purportedly one of Bayern Munich’s key transfer targets, was spotted in Munich today. He spent 90 minutes at Bayern Munich's headquarters at Säbener Strasse before departing.

The press unanimously assumes the purpose of the visit is to discuss terms for Leon Goretzka, who is under contract with Schalke until 2018. A transfer deal for the young star would come as a shock to many, not least to Schalke's general manager, Christian Heidel, who recently called the rumors surrounding Goretzka nonsense.

Heidel reiterated today that Bayern Munich still has not made any official offer for Goretzka. Heidel said, "I don't want to speculate over why Neubauer visited Bayern Munich. Goretzka isn't his only client."

Goretzka is indeed Neubauer's most valuable client, but hardly his only one. Neubauer also represents PSG goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, Mönchengladbach's midfielder Ibrahima Traoré, and Hamburg's René Adler, among others. Adler in particular might be a possibility for Bayern's second keeper, if reports about Sven Ulreich staying prove premature.

According to SportBild, Schalke, for their part, are attempting to lock down Goretzka with a favorable long-term contract that would make him a leader of a completely rebuilt team. Perhaps the key question is where Goretzka sees himself in the future.