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Holger Badstuber will move on

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A move to the English Premier League seems to be the most likely scenario.

Paulaner Fan Dream - Bavarian Battle Qualifier Photo by Lennart Preiss/Getty Images For Paulaner

FC Schalke 04 have made it clear to Holger Badstuber that they do not intend to sign him after his half-year loan comes to an end this season. Badstuber has played in a dozen matches for Schalke, logging 989 minutes, but he will bid farewell at Schalke’s final home game against Hamburg.

Schalke’s manager Christian Heidel stated, “We are not considering signing him beyond the end of the season. The coach has discussed this with him quite candidly.”

According to SportBild’s Tobias Altschäffl, Badstuber will also not return to Bayern Munich this summer.

The most likely possibility is a transfer to the English Premier League, but where Badstuber ultimately lands remains to be seen. While his ultimate destination after departing Bayern and potentially the Bundesliga is uncertain, his half-season at Schalke has at least shown potential suitors that he is capable of playing a significant amount of minutes injury free.

UPDATE: Holger Badstuber himself has spoken out about the news:

“Schalke was good for me. I was good for Schalke. The loan was the right and an important step.”