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Match awards: Bayern demolish Wolfsburg and clinch the Bundesliga

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Robert Lewandowski gets back on track

VfL Wolfsburg v Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images for MAN

Jersey Swap: Daniel Didavi. Do we have to give an award to a Wolfsburg player? Did any of them really deserve it? Well, if forced to, this one goes to the transfer from Stuttgart, who at least caused a little bit of danger in front of Sven Ulreich’s goal, though it really wasn’t that much.

Tip of the Cap: Mats Hummels. It’s tough to claim individual awards when you’re a defender, but Hummels made the most of his 68 minutes, helping to keep a clean sheet with his defending. His anticipation was excellent, as he intercepted passes all day. Unfortunately, it looked like he left with a limp, here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

Golf Clap: Thiago Alcantara. When I watch Thiago, one song usually comes to mind: Carlos Santana’s Smooth. The Spaniard celebrated his recent contract extension by doing what he does best, creating magic on the ball, flicking the ball left, right, down the line, lobbing it over opponents, while gliding around the field to direct play.

Standing Ovation: Joshua Kimmich. What do you know, Carlo Ancelotti finally gave the youngster another start, and the kid didn’t disappoint. Playing alongside Thiago in the central midfield, he did a fine job of controlling the tempo, mixing in accurate long balls down the wings and behind the Wolfsburg defenders, and played his usual hard-nosed defense. The highlight is undoubtedly the through pass to Arjen Robben from beyond the halfway line, then racing down the field to get on the end of the cross to make it a half dozen for Bayern.

Meister of the Match: Robert Lewandowski. If you score two goals — taking you into the league lead — assist on another, and go over 40 tallies for the season (again), that’s a MotM award. Pure and simple. The Polish striker shook off what was ailing him in the last game, and showed up again as the ice-cold killer that we are all used to.