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Carlo Ancelotti has won a title in Europe’s five biggest leagues

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You can’t deny his greatness.

VfL Wolfsburg v Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images for MAN

Bayern Munich’s victory against Wolfsburg to win the club’s fifth consecutive Bundesliga championship was also a milestone victory for manager Carlo Ancelotti. He set a record that may well never be broken. The 2016-17 Bundesliga championship means that Ancelotti has now won a title in Europe’s top five leagues.

To put this record into perspective, no active coaches are really even close to this record, and they’re unlikely to pursue it. Winning trophies in Spain, Germany, England, Italy, and France is hard.

Jose Mourinho has won trophies in England, Spain, and Italy. (Portugal, too, but they don’t count here.) Pep Guardiola has won trophies in Spain and Germany (Though, surely he’ll win one of the three domestic trophies available in England every year soon.). Antonio Conte won Serie A and is set to win a trophy in England. Arsene Wenger has won trophies in France and England.

We can disagree with Ancelotti’s methods to finding this success, but he finds it. All across Europe, Ancelotti finds it.


Milan - Coppa Italia 2002-03 & Serie A 2003-04


Chelsea - Premier League 2009-10 & FA Cup 2009-10


Paris Saint-Germain - Ligue 1 2012-13


Real Madrid - Copa del Rey 2013-14


Bayern Munich - Bundesliga 2016-17