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Douglas Costa confirms the fourth Bayern Munich baby is on the way

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The Carlo Ancelotti era is off to some start!

Following his goal on Tuesday evening against Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League, Douglas Costa’s goal celebration was what has become known around the world as the “baby on the way” celebration.

Following the match, Sport 1’s Christian Ortlepp met up with Douglas Costa, and the Brazilian confirmed that he and his wife Luisa Ramos are indeed expecting a child to be born in September.

Costa isn’t the only Bayern player that’s currently expecting a child with his significant other. Before the winter break, Thiago Alcantara and Robert Lewandowski revealed in their celebrations that they and their wives (Julia Vigas and Anna Lewandowska) were both expecting. Then, a few weeks ago, Arturo Vidal did the same (Maria Teresa Matus).

That’s four new “Bavarian” babies on the way in the second of of 2017. Get ready, folks. A new generation of Bayern babies are on the way to the field to break Arsenal hearts.