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Post-match awards in Bayern’s 5-1 win

This man is the one who makes things happen when Bayern Munich needs it.

Tip of the Cap: Manuel Neuer – He did not have a lot to do in Bayern’s second half explosion, but he did prevent Arsenal from getting on a scoring spell of their own at the end of the first half. The man was unlucky on Alexi Sanches’s penalty, and he came up with a big stop on a shot from Mesut Özil just before the half. The defense in front of him did not look stable, but luckily for the Bayern fans watching, the buck stopped with him.

Golf Clap: Philipp Lahm – Arjen Robben should get a lot of credit for picking out the top corner for Bayern’s first goal, but Lahm was just as important as well. He is still dangerous when he overlaps with Robben on the right wing, and he proved why with two brilliant assists. Lahm will go down as one of Bayern’s best defenders of all time, and his offensive contributions, even at 33, is one of the main reasons why.

Standing Ovation: Robert Lewandowski – How does a player make up for conceding a penalty? A goal and an assist will do. Lewandowski was able to find more space in the penalty area than in recent games, and he certainly made it count. And that back heel...

Meister of the Match: Thiago – Whenever Bayern have a tie-shifting scoring run, Thiago seems to be involved. He was involved against Porto two years ago, involved against Juventus last year, and involved on Tuesday. Lewandowski may deserve more credit for his goal than he does, but another goal and assist easily earns him top honors.

Jersey Swap: Laurent Koscielny – Bayern had a lot of trouble early in the game for a lot of reasons, but Koscielny was one of them. He his three tackles came in dangerous areas, and Arsenal really missed him when he had to come off at the beginning of the second half.

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