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Bayern Munich fans troll Neymar with fake €500 euro bills

The fans showered the world's most expensive player with paper as he took a corner kick.

Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Fans of Bayern Munich yet again showered a Champions League pitch with fake euro bills in protest at Bayern’s rematch with Paris Saint-Germain yesterday. Already likely earning a stiff fine for protesting €100 euro away tickets in Anderlecht, Bayern's ultras struck again on Tuesday, sending a special message to PSG's superstar Neymar.

As Neymar strode over to take a corner kick, a shower of fake €500 euro bills rained down on the star from the Südkurve.

The well-produced bills featured a portrait of Neymar himself - crying:

Neymar smirked and brushed away the bills with his foot before taking the corner. He more than anyone must know what he now represents in the international soccer world - the power of money.

The fake bills may have targeted the €222 million record-signing Neymar, but they are part of the Bayern Ultras' broader protest of UEFA, which launched a formal investigation after the fake-money incident in Anderlecht. The Ultras doubled down on their criticism:

Jupp Heynckes expressed his solidarity with the fans after the first incident, in Anderlecht. It is no stretch of the imagination that Bayern's board likewise stand in solidarity with their fans - mid-game showers of cash notwithstanding.

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