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Jupp Heynckes’s new locker room rules

The veteran coach has the team getting back to fundamentals even off the pitch

Bayern Muenchen Training And Press Conference Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

Discipline is the word that describes best what new, old head coach Jupp Heynckes seeks to restore to Bayern Munich. On the pitch, that ideal has been reflected in organization and defensive stability, epitomized by Heynckes’s deployment of Javi Martinez as a “breakwater” in the defensive midfield.

Discipline has also been restored in the locker room. According to Sport Bild, Heynckes has instituted six new rules to bring the team together and focus them on their job as professionals.

No cell phones

Apparently, players formerly could freely use their smart phones during meals, massages, and other team activities. Under Heynckes, players may use their smart phones in moderation only in the locker room itself, insofar as such use does not detract from preparations for training.

Punctuality and fitness

Heynckes requires his players to be punctual. Training now begins an hour earlier, commencing at 10 AM. In addition to starting earlier, warm-up exercises now last longer and are much more intense, and the team does stabilization exercises at least twice a week.


The players are expected to keep the locker room neat and tidy. This was apparently not the case in recent time!


The players also now must greet all employees at Säbener Straße and treat them in a friendly, respectful manner. According to Joshua Kimmich, “It is fundamental for collaboration as a team that one values politeness, respect, and discipline.” That respect is now expected to extend from the top all the way down to the maids.


In contrast to Ancelotti’s tenure, the common meal after practice is now obligatory. The players eat together (without using their cell phones!) after every training session. As for the meal itself, here Heynckes is more flexible. He has banished the health bars that Ancelotti’s son-in-law, nutritionist Mino Fulco, had required. According to Heynckes, “Nutritionists are totally overrated! You have to use your head!”

In keeping with Heynckes's emphasis on authority and integrity, he has not imposed any fines or other such penalties to enforce his rules. Sebastian Rudy explained, “The coach gave the order and and so it will be carried out. But he also emphasizes: it's based on trust.” It thus is up to the players collectively to police themselves.

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