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Post match awards for Bayern Munich’s 6-0 win vs. Werder Bremen

Bayern demolish Werder Bremen and we open the season with the first Bundesliga Post Match Awards! See who got a place on the podium in a game that was resplendent with strong performances

Bayern Muenchen v Werder Bremen - Bundesliga Photo by A. Hassenstein/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Jersey Swap: Felix Weidwald. The Bremen keeper kept this game from becoming even more absurd than it already was. He made several key saves to keep this game from being 5-0 at the halfway point and seemed to be the only one trying to organize a woefully bad Bremen defense. He was clearly out of his league against arguably the most potent attack in Germany, but so was the rest of his squad.

Tip Of The Cap: Xabi Alonso. The first goal of the Bundesliga season was an absolute masterpiece from the ageless wonder, but that only tells part of story of his performance in this match. He did an admirable job directing things from his own end, helping Bayern transition into attack in the 64 minutes he was on the pitch.

Golf Clap: Thiago Alcantara. He very quietly filled up the stat sheet as he played a superb box=to-box game. He was very effective with his long range passing, dribbling ability and passing in the final third. The level of trust he has garnered from his coaching staff and his fellow teammates was apparent as he led the team in touches and in passes.

Standing Ovation: Robert Lewandowski. There are no more superlatives to use to describe his scoring ability or lethality inside the box. He not only had 12 shots, but his runs inside the box completely baffled the Bremen defense, opening up a lot of other areas on the field. Oh, and he had a hat trick.

Meister Of The Match: Thomas Müller. He had three assists and created other scoring chances too numerous to mention. From the opening whistle, he was already in full Raumdeuter mode, using the acres of space inexplicably given to him by the Bremen defenders. He had four passes leading to shots on goal and even managed to win four arial balls too. His passing was crisp, his positioning was near perfect and if his finishing was as polished, he’d have bagged a few goals himself.

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