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Holger Badstuber is ready to play against AC Milan

Unluckiest player in the world, Holger Badstuber could see a return in tonight's test match against AC Milan

Holger Badstuber, preparing for yet another comeback
Holger Badstuber, preparing for yet another comeback
Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Stop me if you've heard this one before: FC Bayern Munich central defender, Holger Badstuber, is on the verge of a comeback from a major injury.

Looking back on the 27-year old's career, it is absolutely heart-breaking how many times this talented home-grown player - with the club since he was 13 years old - has been knocked out by major injuries.  Over the last seven seasons, he has suffered eight major layoffs, causing him to miss all or significant parts of four seasons.

But every single time, he has taken his lumps, had surgery (when necessary) and immediately started his rehab in order to once again be able to get on the field.  And, sure enough, here he is again.  It's the preseason of 2016/17, and he has fought his way back.  Again.  In yesterday's press conference, new Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed that Badstuber is ready, stating, "I think tomorrow, he can get it going, and play 30, 40 minutes".

Philipp Lahm added, "He's had an incredible time of suffering, now he's been back since the beginning of our preparations.  I am looking forward to when he will be somewhere on the pitch next to me."

That's right, Bayern Munich's Weeble is back.  Here's to hoping that his bad luck has finally run out.

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