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Carlo Ancelotti wants to top Pep Guardiola's accomplishments at Bayern Munich

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Carlo Ancelotti has said he wants to top the accomplishments Pep Guardiola achieved.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

In an Interview with Sky Sports, Carlo Ancelotti made it no secret that he wants to be more successful than Pep Guardiola was in his three years in Munich. "Bayern played a great season," he said, "but it's always about improving and doing it better the next season. I have a lot of work to do. After all, I have to top the great year they just had."

It'll be interesting to see what tactical changes Ancelotti wants to bring to Munich, but the coach has said that he doesn't envision himself making major changes from what Guardiola instilled in the squad. "I want to bring my philosophies and methods into the squad, but won't change too much because the team is just fantastic. I'm very happy with the squad."

Just as Guardiola came in and made his mark on the squad, Ancelotti will come in and make his. He'll incorporate his style, but won't tear it down and start from scratch, meaning next years team will probably mirror Guardiolas of this year more than Ancelotti's at Madrid. He'll tighten some screws, and move around some parts, but don't expect a major overhaul. Ancelotti will adapt to the players; the players won't be forced to adapt to him.

And just as Guardiola did three years ago, Ancelotti has said he will hold his first press conference in German. If past Italian Bayern managers speaking German are any indication, we are in for quite a treat.