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Robert Lewandowski can be the first Bundesliga player in 39 years to score 30 goals

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Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

A lot of Bundesliga history can be made this weekend, and Robert Lewandowski is one of the men able to do it. With a goal against Hannover 96, Lewandowski will become the first player since the 1976-77 season to score 30 goals in a season campaign.

However, Lewandowski has certainly cooled down since the start of April. After scoring 13 goals in the first 13 games of the Rückrunde, Lewandowski has only managed 5 goals in his last 10 games. While this is a strike rate that most forwards around the world would kill to have,

If he manages a goal against Hannover Lewandowski would become one of only ten players to score 30 goals in a solitary Bundesliga season. Bayern legend Gerd Müller reached the historic mark on five separate occasions.

Player Club Season Goals
1 Gerd Müller Bayern Munich 1971-72 40
2 Gerd Müller Bayern Munich 1969-70 38
3 Gerd Müller Bayern Munich 1972-73 36
4 Dieter Müller FC Köln 1976-77 34
5 Lothar Emmerich Borussia Dortmund 1965-66 31
6 Gerd Müller Bayern Munich 1973-74 30
7 Jupp Heynckes Borussia Mönchengladbach 1973-74 30
8 Gerd Müller Bayern Munich 1968-69 30
9 Uwe Seeler Hamburg 1963-64 30

In fact, Lewandowski and Thomas Müller still have an opportunity to become the highest scoring duo in a single season. They would need to score six goals against the third worst defensive team in the league. Anything is possible.