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Franck Ribery is back to form and terrorizing opposition defenses

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The King of France is back.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Pep Guardiola. Normally, you don't see Guardiola receiving any of these awards, but today he gets some recognition. There aren't many coaches in the modern game with enough gall to sub out a player of Arturo Vidal's caliber in the first half of a game. Yet, after half an hour of play, with Vidal having picked up a yellow card and Bayern struggling to break down Stuttgart's defensive unit, Guardiola brought on Thomas Müller for Vidal. Yes, Vidal's reckless play made it a bit easier for the Spaniard, but Guardiola saw a deficiency and moved to rectify the situation.

Golf Clap: Douglas Costa. Did you see that goal? He may have only been on the field for 15 minutes, but when you score a goal like that, you deserve to be recognized. Expect Costa to be in the starting lineup when Bayern take the field in Lisbon on Wednesday.

Standing Ovation: Manuel Neuer. An early save by Neuer completely changed the trajectory of the contest. With this acrobatic save to deny Daniel Didavi early in the match, Neuer denied Stuttgart a lead and the ability to sit back a little deeper in a defensive posture. Saves like this help you understand just how special Didavi's late goal was.

Meister Of The Match: Franck Ribery. It's been building for the last few weeks, and it's time to make it official: Franck Ribery is back. There can be no doubt any longer that Kingsley Coman will have to wait a little longer to assume the throne as the new King of France. Fro now, Ribery will hold onto the title. The winger is back to playing with a complete freedom with the ball at his feet, not caring if a defender is near him. Ribery's ability to beat someone with a trick or with speed will be invaluable for Bayern as they look for another triple.

Jersey Swap: Daniel Didavi. It's tough to give this award to anyone on Stuttgart except Didavi. His goal to pull Stuttgart back into the game late in the second half was spectacular. Sure, it was a large part luck, but it also took a lot of skill to score from that position.