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Daniel Didavi scores unbelievable goal against Bayern Munich

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What a fantastic goal.

Everyone knows that Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world. If a player has a hope in scoring against him, it's almost always going to take a super human effort. Luckily for Stuttgart, Daniel Didavi put on his cape before stepping onto the field at the Mercedes Benz Arena on Saturday.

Didavi tripped over his own feet in the Bayern penalty area and fell to the ground. After pinging around in the box for a second, the ball ended up with Didavi. Without leaving his backside, the Stuttgart forward struck the ball sending it looping over the head of Neuer. The shot was perfectly placed, and there was absolutely nothing that Neuer could do to stop it.

Take a bow, Daniel. It's an impressive, if not slightly fluky goal.

If that's the kind of goal it's going to take to beat Neuer, even most Bayern fans can't be that made about it.