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Goal breakdown: Arturo Vidal's goal against Benfica was a teamwork masterclass

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A lot of moving pieces contributed to Bayern Munich's lone goal against Benfica

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Not a lot went right for Bayern Munich on Tuesday. Only banging in a single goal at the Allianz Arena was definitely not the outcome Pep Guardiola had anticipated but a lot of credit for the performance goes to Benfica's staunch defense. They couldn't keep Bayern Munich out of the net though and Arturo Vidal's 2nd minute goal highlights just how good Bayern's teamwork can be in transition play.

The sequence starts with Douglas Costa wide right in transition. Franck Ribery wide left is an outlet screaming for delivery and Costa obliges him. The key cog here is Robert Lewandowski who has moved wide with Ribery. His outside-in run draws rightback Andre Almeida inside allowing the long floated ball from Costa to easily reach Ribery with plenty of time to read the play. The prior run of Thomas Müller wide right has also dragged Jardel into wide areas as well, leaving Nelson Lindelof the lone centerback in a defensive position.

As Ribery cuts inside, the overlapping run of Juan Bernat keeps Almedia pinned to the outside leaving Lindelof alone in a 1-v-1 against Robert Lewandowski. Ribery's inside run drags Almeida around yet again, leaving Bernat in open space, as the Benfica midfield scrambles to address the Frenchmen. Meanwhile Thomas Müller makes a near post run and occupies up Jardel while Lindelof tracks the pass from Ribery to Lewandowski. With most of the Benfica defense completely out of position, no one is capable of tracking Vidal's run on the heels of Thomas Müller. Feeding the ball out to the completely free Juan Bernat, the Bayern leftback has all the time to pick out a pinpoint cross into the head of the onrushing Arturo Vidal.

The sheer amount of moving pieces in Bayern Munich's attack is enough to baffle even the best opposition defenses. And all it took was one glorious sequence for Bayern Munich to secure the lead headed into the second leg despite their struggles on the night as a whole.