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Vidal is Vital: Post match awards from Bayern Munich's 1-0 Champions League win vs. Benfica

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In a game of missed opportunities, Bayern still came through with a 1-0 win. Here are the standouts.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Manuel Neuer. He wasn't tested very often, Benfica only getting one shot on target, but it was a one-on-one opportunity with the ball at the feet of Benfica's most dangerous attacker, Jonas. Neuer stopped him cold in his tracks in what should have been the equalizing goal. It's not easy being lulled to sleep with your team controlling the game only to have to suddenly spring to life and save the day, but Neuer did exactly that.

Golf Clap: Juan Bernat. He doesn't possess any jaw dropping skills, he wasn't a high profile transfer and he doesn't fill up a stat sheet. What he does do, however, is consistently deliver good performances despite being shuffled around the field in various positions. He had a picture perfect assist on Arturo Vidal's goal, led the team in touches, had a whopping seven clearances in his own end all with a 91 percent passing accuracy to boot. He was only a steady replacement-level player, he was a key player in Bayern's win.

Standing Ovation: Franck Ribéry. Long live the king. Ribery carved up the left side of the field like a Christmas ham delivering five passes that led to shots on goal, 12 crosses and three shots. He went the full 90 minutes (and then some) showing that he is not only in form, but fully fit. That can only mean good things to come for Bayern if he continues to deliver strong performances like this.

Meister Of The Match: Arturo Vidal . He played the game exactly as one would expect him to. With passion and determination. He got the early goal which allowed the squad to relax, albeit a little too much, but Vidal never stopped fighting to get the second goal. He was equally good in his own end, clearing balls and intercepting passes, as he was on the attack, finishing with three shots and nearly getting his second goal when his header went just over the cross bar. He has asserted himself as quite possibly Bayern's best Champions League player.

Jersey Swap: Victor Nilsson-Lindelof. The 21-year-old Swedish central defender played very admirably against a relentless Bayern attack. He had six clearances as well as going four for five on passes over 30 yards displaying not only a good instinct for breaking up the opponents attack, but also very deft passing skills finishing with 94 percent passing accuracy.