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Douglas Costa steals the show with incredible goal

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Yo! Did you see that goal?

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Mario Götze. There's been a lot of debate on whether or not Götze will return to Munich next season or if they'll agree to part ways on a transfer. The reason, people argued, was that Pep Guardiola didn't like him. At the beginning of the season, this wonderful FanPost put to bed any illusions that Götze was being buried on the Bayern  bench. While he didn't immediately start playing when he returned from his long injury, Götze has started five of the last seven matches and come on as a sub in the other two. It's clear that he's going to have a big part to play in the final few matches.

Golf Clap: Arturo Vidal. He's known as the Warrior, and that's certainly what he's been for Bayern during the Rückrunde. It hasn't mattered which competition they've played, Vidal has been one of the motors that makes the Bayern engine run. As long as he keeps playing at this level, Bayern will be hard to beat.

Standing Ovation: Serdar Tasci and Medhi Benatia. Before the game started, this centerback pairing sure brought out a few laughs in people. Tasci's brief appearance earlier in the year was the worst performance of any player in a Bayern shirt this season, and Benatia hasn't been healthy nor that good when he was healthy. However, Pep Guardiola played the two a little deeper than normal, and it allowed them to not get abused due to their lack of speed. While it certainly wasn't good enough to secure Tasci a contract in Munich for next season, it was good enough to get another Bundesliga team interested. Bravo, fellas.

Meister Of The Match: Douglas Costa. Before this goal, Costa wasn't even being considered for this list. However, did you watch that goal? Costa uncorked a monster of a goal to ice the game for Bayern. It's easily the goal of the week and one of the goals of the season. He struck it perfectly. Take a bow. "But, it's just one goal!" BUT, WHAT A GOAL IT WAS!

Jersey Swap: Mitchell Weiser. The former Bayern man caused all sorts of problems out wide on the day. His ability to get up and down the field caused problems for Rafinha throughout the match, including drawing a strong yellow card on the Brazilian. While Bayern won't regret letting the young player leave the Allianz last season, Weiser clearly made a perfect choice in deciding to join Hertha. With three games to go, they still have a shot at next season's Champions League. Miraculous.