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Diego Godin removed from Atletico Madrid match with hamstring injury

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Good news for Bayern?

David Ramos/Getty Images

Diego Simeone was forced to remove Diego Godin during Atletico Madrid's match against Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday due to a hamstring injury. After only eleven minutes, Godin was replaced by Lucas Hernandez.

It's not yet known how long he will be out, but that should be known when Atleti return to Madrid. The club did, however, confirm the injury via Twitter.

Our friends over at Into the Calderon confirm that he "walked off under his own strength and did not immediately seek medical attention, instead opting to sit on the bench".

Less than a month ago, Godin was forced to miss two games due to a similar injury in the same leg. Into the Calderon speculates that Godin could have been rushed back a bit too soon in order to be back in time for their recent Champions League tie against Barcelona.

Godin would be a huge loss for Atleti if he's unable to go, and Jose Gimenez is still out recovering from a hamstring injury.

The Champions League Semifinal between Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid will be played in Spain on April 27 and in Germany on May 3.