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Arturo Vidal will not face punishment for "dive" against Werder Bremen

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This is good news for Bayern.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

There will be no punishment handed out to Arturo Vidal for his "dive" during Bayern Munich's win over Werder Bremen on Tuesday. Replays appeared to show Vidal go to ground after a tackle by Werder's Janek Sternberg, despite a lack of contact between the two players.

Referee Tobias Stieler said after the match that, after seeing the replays, he was sorry for having awarded the penalty against Werder. A penalty was awarded from the foul, and Thomas Müller converted to seal the victory.

The DFB was asked about a potential punishment for Vidal and said the following in their statement:

"The referee noted and judged the action, so that it is impossible for the DFB-monitoring committee to initiate proceedings for legal reasons."

Here is a video of the incident.

In 1995, Borussia Dortmund's Andreas Möller was suspended by the DFB for two matches and fined 10,000 Marks after an infamous dive. The DFB differentiated the cases by saying that in Vidal's situation, Sternberg clearly interferes with Vidal's running motion, while there was nobody near Möller.