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Lahm of God: Post-match awards for Bayern Munich's 2-0 win vs. Werder Bremen

Bayern saw their ticket punched to Berlin in a hard fought win over Werder Bremen. It certainly wasn't pretty, but there were some players who deserve recognition, nonetheless

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Javi Martinez. He should get used to playing as a center back because he is not only a) very good at it, but b) desperately needed in that role. The 27-year-old has been moved all around the pitch when he's not recovering from injury, but he went the full 90 minutes and performed admirably leading the team in tackles, clearances, interceptions and had a blocked shot on a dangerous scoring chance. The prospect of a healthy, fit, and in form Javi Martinez paired with Jérôme Boateng should put a lot of Bayern Munich fans fears to bed when faced with the upcoming tilt with Atlético Madrid.

Golf Clap: Thomas Müller. He had two goals, including his 150th in all competitions for Bayern, but really only one of them should have counted. There will be a lengthy discussion about the legitimacy of the penalty that he converted, but even without that, he still had the game winning goal. In a game where Robert Lewandowski struggled to find his shots, Tommy stepped up and peppered Felix Wiedwald all game. In a typical Müller game, he'll seemingly disappear only to step out of the shadows at just the right time to score a key goal. Not the case today as he made his presence felt from the opening whistle to the closing one.

Standing Ovation: Xabi Alonso. Good things happen for Xabi when he is the isolated deep lying playmaker role. He can't play that role in every game in all competitions – he is 34 after all – but when he gets the chance he shows that there is still come magic left in his boots. He led the team in touches, passes leading to a shot on goal, crosses, and arial duels won. The game flowed through him for a large portion of the match and his corner assist on the opening goal was the icing on the cake.

Meister Of The Match: Philipp Lahm. He didn't exactly light up the stat sheet, but he played multiple roles on the field and played them admirably. Early on he had a key tackle to break up a legit scoring chance as well a cross into the box that was nearly headed home. To say it was a vintage performance from Lahm would be untrue. Before Pep Guardiola was named manager, the times you saw Lahm with the ball at his feet inside the attacking zone could probably be counted on one hand. To add that newfound skill to his repertoire, at age 32, as well as maintaining his defensive prowess is immensely impressive.

Jersey Swap: Jannik Vestergaard. It's hard to pick a player to swap jerseys with after a game like this which was riddled with fouls and missed calls, but special recognition is deserved of the young 23-year-old Danish center back. He won a whopping nine arials using his 6'6 frame to great effect. He also had six clearances showing a propensity for feeling out where the Bayern attack was coming from and shrinking in front of the big stage. He also came agonizingly close to a goal late in the game that showed a certain skill for going forward as well. Hard to imagine the big kid is only 23.

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