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Jerome Boateng returns to team training

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He's back!

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

In an article posted on, Bayern announced that Jerome Boateng has returned to team training for the first time in three months. He was greeted with a warm round of applause by his teammates upon his return to the practice field and participated in the entire training session, only forgoing the exercises that involved intense challenges.

In his pre-game press conference today, Guardiola was asked about Boateng and his fitness status, saying "he was injured for three months. Whether he'll be fit for the Champions League semi-final, I don't know."

A rather cautious response from the manager.

Looking at the time-line, a return to action sooner rather than later may not be out of the question. While an appearance on the bench this weekend against Hertha BSC Berlin seems rather unlikely, I wouldn't be shocked if Boateng traveled with the team to Madrid the following Wednesday (April 27th) and made a short substitute appearance during either that game, or the Bundesliga game the Saturday after that vs Gladbach (April 30th).

Either way, it's good to see Boateng back on the training pitch, as he'll - at the very least - be fully healthy and fit come June when Germany heads to France for the European Championship.