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Bayern Munich players find their group draws at 2016 Rio Olympics

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The Rio Olympics kick off this August.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The players of Bayern Munich have learned where they could be playing their football this summer after the draw for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The groups for the men's and women's tournaments were revealed on Thursday.

While the women's tournament is a full national team competition, the men's side of things is a U-23 competition with three overage players available per squad. It's hard to know which men's players will be joining their countries for this event, but one can expect that many players from the Frauen side will be making the trip to Brazil.

The men's tournament will take place from August 4-20, and the women's tournament will take place from August 3-19.

Men's Tournament
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Brazil Sweden Fiji Honduras
South Africa Colombia South Korea Algeria
Iraq Nigeria Mexico Portugal
Denmark Japan Germany Argentina
Women's Tournament
Group E Group F Group G
Brazil Canada United States
China Australia New Zealand
Sweden Zimbabwe France
South Africa Germany Colombia