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A Warrior's Call - Arturo Vidal was everywhere, outworked everyone

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Although FC Bayern Munich dominated possession against Benfica Lisbon, it took a Herculean effort from Arturo Vidal to turn the game, and ensure that the Bavarian giants advanced to the Champions League semifinals. His hard work, tireless running, and opening goal set the pace for the rest of the team.

Vidal scores the 1-1 equalizer
Vidal scores the 1-1 equalizer
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Xabi Alonso. The Spaniard was masterful as usual, directing traffic in the middle of the field. He was just as comfortable with the short pass game as he was getting the ball forward quickly, with his exquisite, pinpoint long balls to the wings and forwards. Cool, calm and collected, he allowed Thiago and Vidal to do what they do, roam around and create. And let's not forget his well-struck corner kicks, of which one led to Thomas Müller's goal that put the game out of reach.

Golf Clap: Douglas Costa. Another great performance from the Brazilian whirlwind, creating havoc on the right side, and consistently drawing two, even three defenders, only to work his way out of it with his ball-handling skills, speed and quickness. His teamwork with Lahm was reminiscent of when the captain would work the right sideline with Arjen Robben. Costa delivered cross after cross, had some chances on counter attacks (although his first touch deserted him a little today), and also ended up hitting a post late in the game, after easily going around his defender.

Standing Ovation: Philipp Lahm. He's been said to have horse lungs, and I'm starting to believe it. At the ripe old age of 32, he reenacted his role from earlier in his career, starting at right back, and constantly making overlapping runs down the wing, only to get back to help out on defense again. He was a constant source of deliveries for goal scoring chances, and, let's not forget his strong appearances in midfield, which makes this another excellent all-around game for the Kapitän.

Meister Of The Match: Arturo Vidal. We've all heard him called a warrior many times before, and he lived up to that reputation today...again. Teetering on the brink of receiving his next yellow card in the competition (which would have meant missing the first leg of the semifinals), he battled, and clawed, and ran, and never, ever gave up on a single play. At times, he looked like he might be related to the Flash, or had found a teleportal, because he would help out in Neuer's box, and seemingly in the next second, he would be finishing a run in the opposing penalty box. That alone might have been enough to give him MOTM, but it became a no-brainer when he scored the opening goal for Bayern, which relieved all the anxiety that the team may have felt after Benfica's opening tally. After a slow start to the season, the Chilean is showing he's worth every single cent they paid to Juventus to get him this summer.

Jersey Swap: Raúl Jiménez. The young Mexican striker found himself thrown into the deep end of the pool, after Benfica lost all of their offensive players to either suspension or injury, and managed to give his club hope, scoring the opening goal, which evened up the series. He almost added another one a few minutes later, but put it straight at Manuel Neuer.