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Mainz's Counter Attacks Too Much To Handle: Post match awards from Bayern's 2-1 defeat to Mainz

Bayern control the game, but fall at the hands of two beautiful Mainz counter attacks.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Thomas Muller. After being subbed on early in the second half, the game seemed to open up and flow more naturally for Bayern. Even though they were only able to really capitalize once on the space it opened up, it was clear that the club played better with him on the pitch. His touches weren't the best, and he looked a little bit off on the ball, but his runs just seem to make the difference for this club, even if they didn't lead to a win today.

Golf Clap: Arturo Vidal. Vidal put in another good shift today, even contributing a bit on the offensive end with a beautiful volley that would have found its way into the back of the net, had it not been for a sublime save from Loris Karius. In defense he was his usual, gritty self, winning balls often and intercepting balls before counter attacks could be started. Unfortunately, the one defensive mistake he did make, lead to a wide open shot that lead to the 2-1 for Mainz. Nonetheless, another good 90 minutes he can build upon going forward.

Standing Ovation: Franck Ribery. Just how Ribery was able to get back into form so quickly after basically missing a whole year due to injury is beyond me. To see him complete 90 minutes injury free was great, and the play was even better. He was a constant threat on the left side, beating his man time and time again before playing dangerous balls into the middle. While none of them lead to goals today, they surely will in the weeks to come.

Meister Of The Match: Arjen Robben. The Dutch winger was a dangerous, dangerous man all over the field today, wrecking havoc all game long, and finding the back of the net on a beautiful strike into the bottom right corner from 20 yards outside the box. After looking like he had lost a step just a few weeks ago, he looked like he had gained two back, cutting and slicing through the defense like the Robben of old. His move on the Mainz right-back near the 80th minute broke my ankles just by looking at it.

Jersey Swap: Loris Karius. The young German put on an excellent display between the sticks for Mainz, denying Bayern time and time again. His reaction save on Vidal's first half volley was stunning, and without it, who knows how todays game would have turned out. An early goal would have forced Mainz to open up a bit, leaving them susceptible to combination play that surely would have led to some Bayern goals. Instead, Mainz was able to stay back, defend, and jump on their counter attacking opportunities. If Karius continues to play this well, don't be surprised to see him challenge for a spot on Joachim Löw's squad for this upcoming summer's European Championships in France.

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