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Liverpool target Mario Götze "not 100% satisfied" at Bayern Munich

This is according to Thomas Müller.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Before their match against England, Germany sent Thomas Müller out (along with Toni Kroos) to speak to the media in their press conference. As he is wont to do, Müller answered every question with his usual charm and honesty. Seizing upon this opportunity, the nefarious English press asked him about Mario Götze and the current rumors of him leaving the club this summer.

"I speak with Mario and think he is not 100% satisfied with his situation at Bayern." Müller said. When pressed, he continued, "I am not Mario's agent, so I am not going to speak about his future."

Now, it's easy to imagine that Götze isn't thrilled with his current situation. He was hurt back in October, and it took him five months to get back to a position where he can even go back onto the field. However, Pep Guardiola isn't putting Götze on the field at the moment, favoring the players who carried the team in his absence.

In recent weeks, Götze has been linked with a transfer to everyone from Liverpool to a return to Borussia Dortmund. With another season on his contract, Bayern haven't re-signed the 23 year old to a contract extension yet. This summer Carlo Ancelotti will get the opportunity to decide whether or not he wants Götze on his team in Munich.

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