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Thomas Müller saved Bayern Munich's Champions League season in emphatic fashion

Thomas Müller is the physical embodiment of never say die

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Thomas Müller was invisible all game. He was contained and he was neutralized by a potent defensive effort from an impressive Juventus midfield and backline.

But what nobody told Juventus is Thomas Müller will not be contained. He will crash through barriers, sometimes dangerously, and he will carry Bayern Munich if he has to.

Again, Bayern Munich built their attack on the incisive attacking runs of Kingsley Coman. In behind Patrice Evra and stretching the Juventus defensive midfield, this time Bayern opened just enough space for Thomas Müller at the back post to thunder home the equalizer for Bayern Munich.

There are no word to express the pure unmitigated joy in stoppage time equalizers, but Thomas Müller sure tried for us.