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Exclusive: Gina Lewandowski speaks to Bavarian Football Works

Speaking exclusively to Bavarian Football Works, American defender Gina Lewandowski discusses her time at FCB Frauen, their journey in the UWCL and also their expectations for the upcoming years, the situation of women's football in Germany and also her first cap with the USWNT.

Robert Lewandowski is not the only Lewandowski playing with Bayern Munich. Pennsylvania-born Gina Lewandowski is one of the pivotal figures which forms the FCB Frauen who are currently dominating the Frauen-Bundesliga, with a huge margin over rivals VfL Wolfsburg.

Gina Lewandowski had short spells in the USA including Western New York Flash and had already played in Germany with 1.FFC Frankfurt with whom she won several trophies including the former UEFA Women's Cup, which was then re-branded into the now-established UEFA Women's Champions League.

Here, in an exclusive interview with Bavarian Football Works, the 30-year old discusses her time with the Bavarian club, her international experiences, and also sums up women's football in Germany.

First of all, how does it feel playing for such a great team like FCB Frauen?

It is an honor to be a part of the club and to share in all of the team's successes so far. The team, however, is still growing and we have some goals still to accomplish.''

You have dominated the domestic league. What do you think it is needed to achieve European success?

''We are still a young team/club as far as experience is concerned, especially playing at the international level. So learning and experience will help us to see what we need, to get to that next level. Since the beginning of the 2014 season, we changed the roster immensely so the team is still meshing. Yes, we have done well so far in domestic play with this group, but international play is a whole new level we want to get to. So we must learn even more about ourselves, about other teams, and push ourselves even more to get there - in all areas of the game.''

How is it women's football in Germany and how is a team like FC Bayern working to develop further this movement?

''Women's football in Germany, I believe, is the best league in the world. The women's game is developing quickly in all areas - technically, tactically, athletically - and FC Bayern has great coaches who are training us specifically in these areas to help us reach the highest level we can.''

Having also played in the US, how different it is the EU style from the US one in terms of quality play?

''I find that the Europeans (here in Germany) focus more on the tactical part of the game. More value is placed on ball possession and working the ball up through the midfield to the forwards. Teams are quite disciplined in regards to being very tactically compact, which limits the amount of time and space a player has on the ball. EU play is also then a bit more technical. The US, however, is also developing in this area as well.''

Being American, and having also been capped recently, how do you see the young ones which are acquiring more playing time under Jill Ellis performing and if the US can be capable to remain on top of world soccer?

''It's a great thing that the US team is integrating younger players into the mix. Young players are the future of the team and need to be slowly incorporated into the team. The team has been successful so far and because the US has a good mixture of younger and experienced players, I am sure it will help keep us a dangerous threat going into international play.''

You can follow Gina Lewandowski:

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